Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Opening Entry

It was during the magical '04 season when a scrappy group of underdogs and inhuman killing machine known to mortals as Martin Gelinas won the Stanley Cup in six games. Eat it Tampa, it was in.

Alas, we all know the thought of a Canadian team winning the Cup made Garry Bettmans synthetically created skin crawl. The winning goal was conveniently missed, and Tampa Gay would go on to claim the greatest trophy in sport.

The success of the Flames in 04 fueled expectations of a championship in this city (Calgary). These expectations exist to this day, and we all know they remain unmet. With the Flames on a 7 game (SEVEN FUCKING GAMES) losing streak, it is starting to look like this current group of Flames wont make the playoffs, let alone challenge for a Stanley Cup.

The anger in the city is palpable. People everywhere are questioning the Flames character, will to win, drive, all that. In a word, they question the Flames manhood. A common question among the fandom is: Do they even care?

Why such tone? I contend it is because of the 04 team. Go ahead, right now, look at that roster. How many All-Stars does that sack of shit team have? Yet that group, made up largely of scrubs, made it to the Cup Finals. That team is the team that Flame fans fell in love with, and still love.

The elephant in the room is the 04 team. If that team could do it, why cant this one?

To answer that question, we have to look at the differences between the two teams. And the first and foremost difference is that the 04 team was willing to pay the price, while this current version of the Country Club simply is not. Exhibit A: Blocked Shots. The 2004 team was made up of guys who would get down to block shots. When was the last time you saw one of the softies on this years roster get down to block a shot?

Now the reason the team is on a seven game losing streak is not because we arent blocking shots per say. The reason we havent won in forever is because we cant score. The lack of shot blocking does speak to what is perceived by the fanbase to be the problem, however. A general lack of 'want-to-win' pervades this team; A general lack of work ethic that is instantly recognized and despised by a city that is full of hard working people.Yesterdays loss to the Blues is just the latest in a long line of examples. The team only gave effort in the 3rd period, and floated through the first two. This group hadnt won a game in their last six, and still had in their tiny apricot sized hockey player brains that they would be able to win just by showing up. It was pathetic to watch, really.

A team that couldnt outscore an AHL team right now, who hadnt won a game in about a month, took off two periods, at home. The best line of the night was the 4th. Ladies and gentleman, this is your Calgary Flames.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. WELCOME !!!!! :)

    i think the difference between the 04 team and the current version is that after the lockout, clutch and grab hockey disappeared. it was this exact style of play that allowed the random collection of miscreants in 04 to make it as far as they did. today's game is based on skill and speed, i'm afraid, and every team that's won it since 05 has had a boatload of both (don't fight me on carolina --eric staal ? andrew ladd ?)... the 09/10 flames are definitely lacking.

    i guess we'll see.

  2. consider yourself added to the FlamesNation blog roll. May this responsibility weigh heavily on your conscience.

  3. Addition to my blog roll doesn't carry quite the same weight around these parts, but consider yourself there!

    Also love the name!

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