Friday, January 29, 2010

Mommy, The Fans Were Mean To Me!

On the radio today, coming home from work, I heard Pete Maher, Pope, declare that the players didnt like it when they got boo'd on home ice.

Ill admit, I dont go to all the Flames games I want to. I dont like to pay 50+ dollars for nosebleeds, especially when the club Im paying to see has a nasty habit of showing up for 1 outta 3 periods. I would be fine with the horseshit lack of effort if I got a 2/3 discount on my ticket, but I dont. If 'shelling out' for nosebleeds pisses me off, I can only imagine how some of the season ticket holders feel. We got people in this city spending well above 10k for their season tickets, to watch a team with a disconcerting lack of 'give a fuck'.


Word to your moms, Flames, but the people in Calgary work for a living. We expect you to do the same. Your mad you got boo'd? The fans are mad we just shelled out 100k or more (a full house at the average ticket price) to watch the players embarrass themselves. Its a double piss off because this current group of players, from the outside, doesnt seem to possess an ounce of pride. If they did, they wouldnt lose NINE in a row.

Who on this current roster do the fans 'owe' something too? Iggy, Reggie, and Kipper. That is it. Those guys have been through the wars, as the Romans were want to say. The rest of this roster is comprised of draft busts, free agent busts, and Gio. Everyone loves Gio, so dont boo him. The rest of the roster has no connections to my heart, or most of the fans hearts. Maybe Prust and Pardy have wormed in there, because they got some sandpaper in them. Other than that?

If the Flames want to be treated with respect, they should start treating the fans with some respect, and actually show up for a home game.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. The rest of this roster is comprised of draft busts, free agent busts, and Gio. Everyone loves Gio, so dont boo him.

    love this... awesome and hilarious.

    i came over here to write that (ie: kudos) but i gotta say that even though i think you're a pretty funny dude i don't really see the need in parading half naked ladies on a sports blog comments page... while i'm not offended (it takes a lot more than nudity to offend me), i'm not really sure i want to comment anymore. makes me feel weird....

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