Sunday, January 31, 2010

GM Sutter Is Good At Math The Second

After the insanity, who knows if this is even correct when you, dear reader, get to it.

Also, Pope Maher, did the fans drive Olli out too?

Anyways, without further...uhh, tada:

Rene 1.35

Conroy 1.05

Nystrom 0.775

Mcgrattan 0.547

Lundmark 0.6

Stewart 0.5

Johnson 0.54

Stajan 1.75

Mayers 1.333

Boyd 0.65

White 0.85

Higgins 2.25

12.195 Million Dollars! in savings. Sexy. That isnt sexy enough for a centre of any worth or Ilya. Sarich will have to go, and maybe Langkow too. That would give them enough wiggle room for a superstar to play with Jarome and to re-sign some players.

The word is Kotalik is being a little turd about the trade, and he might have some sort of no-trade. Dont worry, Kots, we dont want a slime ball vodka swilling dog of a player back either. Kotalik has been benched and called out during his limelight tour of the Apple Grande, and he is the one kyboshing the blind date? You have to have more than 22 points to try to big time someone, comrade.

Look at this pig ugly soviet:

Seriously, he looks like Danny Brieres uglier, more retarded, mentally weaker sister.

Yeah, we want this douchebag. This guy was an Oiler loser, for christs sake. And they didnt want his fermented potato liquor drinking ass.

Again, tomorrow, I hope I wake up and Ilya is here.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

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