Sunday, January 31, 2010

Doug Gilmour Redux

When the rumours about Dion asking for a trade came out, the informed opinion in this city, the radio guys and the print guys, poo pooed the idea and killed the guy who reported it. Either they got scooped or they were lying to protect a player who they had no good reason to protect, other than access.

Do the radio guys and the print guys have any credibility to you, the fans, anymore? Do you believe that the radio guys and print guys are so wrapped around GM Sutters finger?

Well, now that that is outta the way, lets get to this trade. I dont know the contracts, NHL numbers is down.

I am torn on this. I was planning on making my post today about the need for the Flames to get some players who are true checkers, so we can get a true checking line back on this team. Well, it appears we may have done so with this deal. Mayers will be ok, and teamed with Langkow and Glencross or Nystrom will be an ok third line.

But the rest of the deal? Im not sure if Stajan is signed for next year or not, and thats kinda a big deal. As of now we have Stajan, Joker, and Langkow. We may only have Langkow at the end of the year. So centre is still an issue. Unless Vinnie is coming here, we may be in some trouble down the middle.

The wings look good now, dont they? Jarome, Bourque, Hagman. Thats not terrible. Add Ilya to this mix and its world class. If we dont bring in my favourite Russian, we still have servicable wingers in Boyd, Glencross, Moss, ect.

Ian White? Im hearing Reggie hated Dion, and that Dion was a bit of a locker room cancer, per Dough Boy. So Reggie wasnt able to bring Dion back into the fold, and his lack of leadership is rewarded by shipping out Dion. Whatever. As long as Ian White is steady, we should be alright.

The impression Im left with is that this is probably the first move in many. If the locker room is so bad that players are getting exiled to the Big Smoke, it probably wont end with just the one. Langkow gave Jarome a black eye at the Flames Halloween party. Which one of those two do you think are going?

Im also not sure what type of move this is. Was this move made to give the team a chance to make the playoffs, or a chance to win the Cup? Was this move made in preparation for a bananas offseason?

So this move will get spun. On the surface, it looks like Toronto won, because they got the big name. Im not so sure. We got a bullet back in the gun with this trade. We can now go get Ilya, it isnt so insane now. With the health of the owners what it is, I wouldnt be shocked if they cleared up this capspace just for the Russian.

Who knows. More on this later. On the surface, I think we actually won this trade.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Excellent post despite the notable MISSPELLING OF GILMOUR

    An Oilers fan looking for anything to be able to look down his nose at.

    PS Love the addition of the broads on the site. Well played

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