Wednesday, January 27, 2010

59 of 95

We can guess that the Flames will need 95 points to win the division. As of this loss, the Flames sit at 59 points.This means we have to pick up 36 points to win the division. The season lasts another 29 games. Thats 58 points available. The Flames will need to go 18-11 to win the division.

Does anybody believe that they are capable of such a 2005 Steeler-esque late season run to and through the post season?

The question becomes: by which stalls do we set up the guillotine? I have a few suggestions.

The Big Stupid Viking
10 goals. 10 goals. Thats $550,000 a goal. You feel bad for GM Sutter, you honestly do. Lombardi for a 6-3 centre? I would say yes to that everyday all day. The guy had two great, 90+ point seasons, and Sutter is thinking its all between the ears and he can fix him, but Joker is a total dog.

The No Heart $33.5 Million Trinket
How many goals does J-Blow have? 2! How many goals does Adam 'Fish n Chips' Pardy have? 2!

The Old Guy Formerly Known as Langkow
Mom! Somebody broke Daymond! The moment this guy gets hot, we should trade him. People hate on Jokinen, but Greyballs has had just as bad a season. Good thing for him he isnt European.

Who Is This Turds Agent?
David Moss is the single most disappointing story of this season. Why do the Flames always get the big guys who play like they are little guys?

These Guys Shit The Bed
32 goals out of these guys, and the Flames probably needed 50 out of this group. They simply dont score at a fast enough rate. Flush.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


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